CBD Oil Roll-On

Pain Relief Aid

CBD Oil Roll-On, CBG Oil Rollon with CBV
Our CBD roll-on and CBG roll-on is a blend of natural plant oils with medicinal usage going back thousands of years. Our customers tell us they love our topical CBD roll-on oil blend for a variety of their minor aches and pains.

CBD Oil Roll-On Testimonial

“We have tried multiple CBD forms for our back pain as well as general pain. By far our favorite is Nurse’s Touch CBD. The smell is divine and it works really well!” ~ Cheryl R.

Nurse’s Touch is hand-crafted from high quality ingredients, mostly organic. Our resident nurse started with CBD, CBG, and CBV infused olive oil and added a blend of other ingredients commonly used for thousands of years, like frankincense.

Our Founding

Our co-founder, a registered nurse, wanted a drug-free natural pain relief aid for daily use. She tested many existing natural pain relief aids and also tried a variety of her own recipes. When we gave this full spectrum CBD oil and CBG oil roll-on to friends, colleagues, and family they raved about it and kept coming back for more! With the incredible feedback we knew we had to make this cbd oil roll-on available to the masses… and Nurse’s Touch was born!

I had a spot on my collar bone that was very sore. After I used your CBD oil roll-on I was amazed at how much better it felt. ~ Marc Kumai